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03-3166 CEF ND/PL Seedless Black Raspberry Preserve 12oz

Item #: 03-3166
UPC: 748276031662
Price: Login Sugg. retail: $10.99 (each)


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Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves - Black Raspberries are small in size, blue to black in color, native to North America & have wonderful flavor. You and your customers will agree, our Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves are delicious!

Have fun selling 3 products in one demo - Preserves, Scones & Jam Spoons - Bake mini scones, break the scone in half & drop some Black Raspberry Preserves on a scone with a CEF Jam Spoon, serve on a cocktail napkin. Display and sell all three items together.

Demo samples may be purchased for 50% off wholesale price, and all packages will come marked. Limit 1 sample per case ordered. Some items are not offered as a demo sample.