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03-3280 Snowman-Green Bag (Chocolate) 4oz

Item #: 03-3280
UPC: 748276032805
Price: Login Sugg. retail: $5.99 (each)


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Poop - humor sells - laugh with your customers and bring in your best regional selection of Toffee Peanut or Chocolate Nut Toffee Poop. GREAT SELLER!
Break the Chocolate Nut Toffee poop into bit size pieces using food handling gloves. When you are ready to demo - say "make a bowl with your hand" and drop a piece of chocolate nut toffee poop into their open hand.
Demo samples may be purchased for 50% off wholesale price, and all packages will come marked. Limit 1 sample per case ordered. Some items we do not offer a demo sample.
Shipping Chocolate/Perishable Items:  Columbia Empire Farms ships all year. May 15th – Oct 15th we may have to upgrade shipping service to 3-Day Air. There is an extra charge of $8.88 per 4 cases of 4oz products and 2 cases of 8oz products, and 2 cases of Taffy. Product is packed with special insulation and gel ice. Columbia Empire Farms shipping rates and methods vary by time of year. We use UPS, Fed Ex, and truck. NOTE: We do not ship over the weekend to avoid chocolate sitting on a truck. Gift packs that contain chocolate are not able to ship May 15th - Oct 15th.