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13-6004 U of O Smoked Wild Salmon Fillet 2oz

Item #: 13-6004
UPC: 039648060046
Price: Login Sugg. retail: $9.99 (each)


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University of Oregon Wild Smoked Salmon Fillet is packed in their own juices and needs no refrigeration until you open the pouch.  

Wild Salmon demo - to make an easy dip - just open the salmon pouch, drain off the juice, drop the fillet in a bowl (with the skin on), and add cream cheese.  The skin has lots of great flavor.  I would recommend 2oz of salmon to 2oz of cream cheese.  Serve as an appetizer on crackers.   Optional - add green onions or a little bit of lemon juice.    

Demo samples may be purchased for 50% off wholesale price, and all packages will come marked.  Limit 1 sample per case ordered.  Some items we do not offer a demo sample.